Set Back to Sasurie

Set back at Sasurie…..


The day as usually started with the siren from the clock tower as it hit ‘10’ during the early morning. I got up from my “dialer” [a bed with a digital programmed dial] which reminded me that it was my first day at my “Callial” [college].
My grand father used to always tell me that it was fun to be in “Callial” and it seems that they used to call it as a “college” at that time. I was not able to stop my anxiety to get there, which pushed me to do my routine activities by 10:30 A.M. my dad was cleaning his “shoezrappers” [a shoe with a liquid propellant that helps in flying]. When we started from the house, I continuously focusing my goggle at various angles to spot the college.
A sudden brightness struck my eye at a height of 1500 meters from the ground and it read “S.C.E.R.C” [Sasurie Callial of Engineering & Robotics Cell].
The gate of the college opened on it’s own, spelling a welcome message.
I could see a robot at the side which asked me for my details and on doing so gave me a card which would traffic my attendance on its own. I was asked by the robot to go to a lift no ‘829 f626r’ which would lead to my class room. At the lift I came to know that ‘f’ stands for ‘floor’ and ‘r’ stands for ‘room’. I was taken straight to the classes to find a Homosapien since I was one among them. To my amazement I was able to find three of them there.

We became friends in no time though my translators didn’t work nicely as we spoke different languages. We were asked together at a big hall where we given pods with recorded version of speech and college proceedings, so that we could listen to the same when we had time. We were all given laptops which had the entire syllabus for the ‘95’ day course and the name of the robots, which should take the respective subject. There were robots for taking all disciplinary actions as well. There was a well built robot with a “square tummy” which used to catch students and punish them with unusual dollars [Indian dollars] if they are not in proper dress code.

Discipline was a must and it makes “Sasurie Callial” a golden bowl among engineering students. The catering robots named “Manofeeds” compelled each one of us for our ‘menu’. They reminded us of the total shocks that they may give through “hoarated electric circuits” to which our ‘shoezrappers’ are connected. So we were in time in our “court feeders” [canteen] and we had our “nutrile” and vitamin rich fluid [2ml->4drops~to 250 ml glucose].

We were then backing to our class rooms through floorflyers. Each one of us were provided with floorflyers. Mine was Rampsy-60. When I reached my class and I was provided with a digital pen [with sound and video recorders]. My grand father Anuraj P.R [former student of SCERC[2007-2011] batch always remembered me of his olden periods at SCERC and categorized it as a discipline cell. Our afternoon session was coordinated by derolli, a pure robot [pure means grade assigned by SCR] and she was programmed to advise us and did it finely and we slept finely. She was coded by our human HOD in such a way that she doesn’t respond or recognize when we sleep. The last hoptian [in olden day-period] arrived and we were asked to go to our “ladkerroom” where we have to keep our stored “digital pens”, ipods and laptops and give our attendance to ‘HOD’ thought our personal ‘biometric instrument’ where we keep our internal or external senses an pan code. My instrument sensed it and I was freed from SCERC for 2080 November 19 and reached my home within 38 seconds.

A chapter from Rosselle Robert’s diary [grandchild of Anuraj R & Richlle Deburg].
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