Day without any suprise feb-14

Romeo-Juliet painting, the most romantic...???
specially on this Valentin's Eve...!!!

[An oil painting of Romeo and Juliet by Frank Bernard Dicksee in 1884 is widely believed to be the most popular romantic painting, topping a survey conducted in UK. It shows the Shakespearean couple kissing on their wedding night.]

I dont like to say the day was miserable. I got a late night chat from my sister ashu. After a long break of weeks came online. It ends over morning. Some times I feel am not alone in the world, God is always great to us in such a way that maintain the relation strong as a dream. Yes, its a dream ! None in the world can accept me except my sister. Valentines' day of 2012 marked a big chat notes in facebook message box from  my sweet sister. And I assured to meet on April 1st. Rest are like my diary note...it make bore you dear readers.

I like to say a love story this moment, but it may hurt you ! It doesnot has a Hero. Let him be Anuraj. He proposed his junior belongs to same department. He dont know anything about our heroine. Just a time pass or some affection. No real love exists. As every cheap proposals it also gone to trash. After a period of months some sparks of electric waves may happened in the brain of Anuraj. He published may pictures of herione in social communities; stupidity continues. Questioning, clashes, harrasments, and what ever may happen in the situtation in common should be occured here also. And the man became isolated from all. These cold war continues from him. Helpless heroine......
I came to say that, if any love proposals rejected better you leave the place or try to love more...

Man who Requesting Love  should not do these things when he is with genuine love.
"Love says to care more and not even think to hurt in any way"


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