Chittilamchery and Anuraj Palakkad

Am Anuraj tried to correct those fellows. Google and Facebook is not coming to same stream to understand Chittilamchery is standard letter of Chittilamchery place. Another problem is the usage of Panchayath. Melarcode Panchayath is not an issue. But mostly don't know Chittilamchery is in Melarcode Panchayath.

Anuraj Chittilanchery
Anuraj Chittilamchery Palakkad Alathur Nenmara

Chittilamchery is a personal chittilamcherry place and you can see all the things of chittalanchery in facebook is misspelled as need you can rewrite as chittilamchery.  
Chittilamchery is not a place of good people. It is full of land lords. Chittilamchery and chittilanchery are same but google only mark as CHITTILAMCHERY. Whereas Facebook and Bing mark as Chittilanchery. If you have any problem in this issue come to Chittilamcherry and meet me as your wish in same time as Anuraj is in Chittilamcherry.


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